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Kevin Jarvis, Cleaning Doctor.Cleaning Doctor
54 Folly Road
NR18 0QR

phone: 0800 772 0772 or 07773 280 772

– Carpet, rug and mat cleaning – carpets dry in 30 minutes with Dry Fusion
– Upholstery and leather cleaning
– Curtains cleaned in situ
– Spot, stain, odour, chewing gum and dust mite removal
– Milk, urine, vomit and pet accidents neutralised
– Fabric protection to keep carpets and upholstery cleaner for longer
– Fire, smoke, water and flood damage restored

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About Cleaning Doctor

“I love it,” beams Kevin Jarvis, Wymondham’s Cleaning Doctor, when we ask him if he enjoys his work cleaning upholstery, curtains and carpets. “This is the most interesting job I’ve ever had.”

Come on, cleaning stuff? Interesting? Yet during our chat we find ourselves saying, “Who knew?” or words to that effect on numerous occasions.

“I get that reaction all the time,” says Kevin. “I love chatting to people over a cup of tea and it’s nice to be an expert in your field.”

Kevin grew up in Peterborough and moved to Norwich some 10 years ago to set up and run his own sandwich shops. Two years ago, with a young family growing up fast, he decided to sell the business and do something different.

“My work/life balance was shocking,” he says. “I was never at home, I was in the shop at 7am getting home at 7pm, working Saturdays, Sundays were cash and carry and paperwork, so we decided to have a change.”

Initially he thought a regular 9-5 job was the answer – sick pay, holiday, a pension – but curiosity got the better of him.

“I spent four of five months researching franchises until I found one I liked,” he says. “It’s a great way to learn a new skill quite quickly. The old adage is if you want to buy a café, work in one first. But with a franchise, the theory is you start out like you’ve been doing it for years because of the training you get. I went on my training course and was booking jobs in my first week back.”

As you might have gathered, the Cleaning Doctor doesn’t turn up at your house with armed just with a Vax. Kevin’s arsenal features an array of machines and gadgets well outside of the remit of Argos.

“The machines are just part of the process,” he says of his work that starts with professional vacuuming. Yes, there is a proper way to do it. You need to avoid “wicking up” where the actual cleaning process – using hot water extraction to use the correct terminology – brings the dirt to the surface. How do you vacuum properly? You need to go over your carpet between four and six times, north and south, east to west, to be sure you’ve got everything out. Kevin, with his unique water-filtered vacuum cleaning system, also adds an aroma to the process to make your carpets and home or business smell beautifully clean too.

“As well as carpets, we can clean curtains hanging up,” says Kevin, “which saves taking them down for a trip to the dry cleaners, but mostly it’s upholstery, sofas, carpets, mats, rugs, mattresses…”

Hold your horses. Mattresses?

“That’s a really popular one,” he says. “Because they do get a bit buggy after a while, don’t they?”

They do!?

“It’s good to get your mattress cleaned every couple of years or so,” he offers. “After two years, 10% of the weight of your pillow is bed bugs and their faeces… so it’s best to change your pillows too.”

Returning to our chat after a short break allowing us to throw out all our pillows, Kevin has more sage advice.

“Stain removal is a big thing,” he says. “People call us if they’ve spilt coffee, red wine. We also clean a lot of carpets after… erm, animal accidents.”

We know what you’re thinking. Why trouble this nice man when a blast of supermarket stain remover would probably do the trick?

“People can make the stain worse, or even permanent,” he explains. “A lot of the products under your sink can do more harm than good. They can bleach patches overnight if not removed properly. All our products are bespoke, we have something for rust, something for red wine, tea, urine…”

Kevin’s favourite bit of kit is a UV light. If the stain is dry it’s hard to see, likewise if there’s been an attempt at cleaning. So curtains drawn, UV highlights the problem by turning your front room into a stain-filled crime scene.

“It is like something you’d see in ‘CSI’,” he laughs.

Every enquiry starts with a visit from the Cleaning Doctor – a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association, which means he is fully accredited, trained and insured – to provide a free, no obligation quote. From there, the ball is in your court as cleaning never takes place on the same day as a quote. All just part of the friendly service.

So how clean is his house?

“It does need doing again,” he admits. Funny, we know just the man.

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  1. I can wholeheartedly concur. Kevin did a great job on our house. In fact he was in our house before we were. We booked him to do the whole house before we moved in. It certainly saved him time (and us money) moving furniture to get at all areas of the carpet.
    If only I had known about mattresses and pillows then….!

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