WS defaultWymondham Stuff is run by Keith Whitmore and Neil Mason. We’re professional journalists and we both live in the town, our children go to school here. Between us we have a huge amount of experience at local, national and international level.

We set up Stuff because we felt the town needed it. The name? We considered names like The Wymondham Herald in keeping with an age-old newspaper tradition, but we needed something new, something different. So Wymondham Stuff it is. Stuff about Wymondham.

We all spend a good deal of our lives online and that’s where our town needs to be. Best of all, news is no longer a one way street, nor is it solely the preserve of the journalist. We want something we can all share. If you tell us what’s going on around you, for example say there’s a powercut in your street. You’ll be on it faster than us, and then we’ll be on it faster than everyone else. Slowly but surely Stuff will become the place to be for all things Wymondham. Sport, events, news, reviews, elections, meetings, concerts, markets, whatever.

With your help our coverage of what’s going on in the town will develop and grow as you join in with your own news, views and opinions. In short, we want what is happening here to be inclusive, independent and transparent.

Whether the town needs Wymondham Stuff remains to be seen. In many ways, it’s kind of up to you.

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